What is coal tar?

Polytar Scalp Shampoo’s active ingredient coal tar, is a thick oil with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-itch properties. It works to cleanse and soothe the scalp to slow the rate of skin cell growth and relieve scalp itching and inflammation.

How Does Coal Tar Work?

Acts as a...

Coal tar acts as a keratolytic agent

Keratin, found in the epidermis is a protein that forms part of the skin structure and can cause excessive thickening of the skin in those with skin conditions

Slows down...

Slows down the growth of skin cells

Keratolytic agents, such as coal tar, work to break down keratin to help reduce excessive thickening and scaling of the skin in conditions such as psoriasis and dandruff.

Helps skin to...

Helps skin to shed dead cells from its top layer

Coal tar is a thick dark liquid that works to cleanse and soothe the scalp to help it shed dead skin cells from its top layer to reduce scaling and dryness.


Reduces itchiness from skin conditions

Psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis can cause the scalp to become dry and itchy. Coal tar works to soothe the scalp to alleviate itchiness.

Acts as...

Acts as an antiseptic

Coal tar has antibacterial properties to cleanse the scalp and help prevent the skin on the scalp from becoming infected.


Has anti-inflammatory properties

Working as an anti-inflammatory, coal tar can help reduce inflammation of the skin to help soothe and reduce discomfort caused to the scalp.

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